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Visit to Newtimber Place

Gill's and my connection with Newtimber is that, when Lady Buxton lived there in the 50's, I think she was a governor of our school, and every year on the school's birthday, she invited the whole school to the gardens for a picnic.  I don't remember going into the woods or the little path near the moat from which I took 2 of the photos.  Perhaps we were barred for fear of being lost or drowned.  I think  we were more focused on our picnic and friends rather than the plants and architecture! The last photo is of my little group in the late 50's. It could be anywhere!  Note the voluntary wearing of berets.
Historical note:
It was Lady Buxton's mother who donated the 150acres of downland at Newtimber to the National Trust, on the death of her husband.