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21 this year - Party time in Patcham



Surely it is rare for 100 "senior citizens" to all attend the same 21st birthday party?

On Monday, 14th June 2012, they did - crowding into Patcham Memorial Hall for our U3A's 21st celebrations.

The weather did it's worst but we did our best..... happy, smiling faces expressed delight in greeting old friends and former members who had moved away, but returned for our special day - Joyce Collins, Joan Hardcastle and Basil Everett - none of them looked a day older since we last met (but neither did we)!  The noise was deafening - there's nowt wrong with Brighton lungs: it was difficult for Chairman Angela to call her class of naughty chilfdren to order!

A splendid birthday cake had, as background, a delightful selection of photographs projected on the big screen (representing activities enjoyed by many groups over the years: holidays, outings, gardening, walking etc).



After Angela's welcoming words, Michael Collins related the interesting history of our branch (originally known as Brighton No 2) from it's beginnings. Angela then introduced our special guest - "Max Miller" (alias John Ripley) accompanied by his lady partnew (with a lovely singing voice). Max Miller was a legend in his lifetime. Famous for saucy jokes, garish lloud suits (causing gasps when he appeared), he became known as 'The Cheeky Chappie'. With good reason!  John related his history (a Brighton lad by birth) who gradually achieved stardom (and considerable notoriety!) John then appeared in typical Max costume: a suit best seen through sunglasses (gold, garish and glittering), a typical 'Max hat', two tone shoes and white socks. Plus the inevitable"knowing wink". Max mastered the art of innuendo - YOU decided whewther the joke was naughty or not! Judging by the laughter, our members were way ahead!

After a delicious tea ( by caterer Ann Christie), Angela and Joyce 'cut the cake' - a happy ending to a wonderful celebration.

Memories are made of this.....


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